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 God Of War Chains Of Olympus Review

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PostSubject: God Of War Chains Of Olympus Review   June 5th 2009, 3:06 pm

God of War Chains of Olympus was released March 2008 and by most peoples standards is one of the best games to have surfaced on our shiney handheld.
Every since the rumours started to circulate on the internet that Ready at Dawn the games developers were creating a new installment for psp this became the most anticipated title of last year. Subsequently it got rave reviews and recieved a Gold Award.

The game itself uses all of the available power the psp has to offer and was one of the first games to use the new clock speed on the psp.
The visuals on the game are something else and you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference between it's "Big Brother" counter part on the PS2. The sound is great and environments look plush and the frame rate is spot on. Ready at Dawn clearly took their time with the overall programming rather than rushing it out to meet demand unlike some psp titles.

The game play is classic slice and slash combat and story line is situated before the first God of War title. Kratos is as always our budding hero, finding himself pitted against the Persian army and multiple mythical beasts in his quest to conquer Hades and restore order to the God of War universe.
As he progresses through his mercy mission Kratos is rewarded for his efforts with Red and Blue orbs. These can be exchanged for new attacks and to get new weapons and magic! Coupled with the puzzle elements of the game this will keep you going for a good few hours. Some of the Boss sections of the game are challenging adding to the experience.

The controls are great and reasonably simple to master, and the camera view is spot on. Can I remind the reader this game has an 18 certificate and has this for a reason due to the sexual content of the game. I feel this could have been toned down to meet a greater audience but that's just me. Overall the game is a blast to play incorporating all the best elements of the God of War franchise.

God of War only supports 1 player action and offers no other options, to be honest this works best with this title.

Review Stats 8.5/10

God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP Review - PSP God of War: Chains of Olympus Review
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God Of War Chains Of Olympus Review
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