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 Rock Band 3!!!

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PostSubject: Rock Band 3!!!   June 11th 2010, 8:27 pm

The first details about RB3 were announced in [Only admins are allowed to see this link]. Be sure to click the link and check out the video, as it reveals a prototype of the new keytar-like keyboard instrument, gameplay footage, a new "Pro Mode" which may kill Power Gig before it even gets off the ground, and of course two songs: The Doors' Break on Through and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.  Here's the rest of the article:

'Rock Band 3': Keyboards are the key

Ever since Rock Band expanded the musical video-game stage in 2007 to add drums and vocals to the Guitar Hero experience, players have been clamoring for keyboards.


Consider that request filled. Rock Band 3 (due for the holidays for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii) expands the virtual band to seven (drums, lead and bass guitar, keyboards, lead vocals and two harmony vocals). "With the introduction of keyboards, we get to bring a ton of amazing new music onto the platform, which will help feed the appetite for music for years to come," says Alex Rigopulos, CEO of game studio Harmonix.

Among the 83 new songs to be included, Rigopulos says, "it's hard to pick a favorite, but for The Doors to be making an appearance on Rock Band finally with their classic Break On Through, I love that one. And Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is endlessly fun."

The success of Rock Band and follow-up Rock Band 2 propelled sales of music games to more than $1.6 billion in 2008 — with the help of competing Guitar Hero titles. Despite a wide variety of new games in 2009 including The Beatles: Rock Band and DJ Hero, annual sales fell by nearly 50%.

That slide inspired the Rock Band 3 development team to try to recapture the fun "that really started this whole phenomenon in the first place," says project director Daniel Sussman.

During the game, green, red, blue, yellow or orange keys flow on a "stream" representing the notes to be played on five corresponding keyboard keys. In a new authentic Pro mode meant to help players segue to actual instruments, all 25 keys are used; the streams shifts left and right to cover the correct keys. The keyboard also works as a MIDI keyboard that can be connected to a computer. "This is a real instrument and a real device," says senior designer Sylvain Dubrofsky.

In addition to the new keyboard controller, also due for the game's release are two advanced guitar controllers that take advantage of the Pro mode, one a full-sized, fully functional Fender guitar (all sold separately, no prices yet).

Other Rock Band 3 advances: improved animations, refined gameplay features — players can drop in and out of games, or change instruments and difficulty settings without stopping songs — and a easier-to-use song menu.

"Our ambition for Rock Band 3 was really to re-energize and reinvigorate the (music game) category and advance it and move it forward," Rigopulos says.

The news keeps on rolling!  Another article was posted at [Only admins are allowed to see this link] gives us a further glimpse into the RB3 set list:


Combat Baby -- Metric
Dead End Friends -- Them Crooked Vultures
Get Free -- The Vines
Lasso -- Phoenix
Me Enamora -- Juanes
Oh My God -- Ida Maria
Portions of Foxes -- Rilo Kiley
The Hardest Button to Button -- The White Stripes

Been Caught Stealing -- Jane's Addiction
In the Meantime -- Spacehog
Plush -- Stone Temple Pilots
Walkin' on the Sun -- Smash Mouth

Crazy Train -- Ozzy Osbourne
Here I Go Again -- Whitesnake
I Love Rock and Roll -- Joan Jett
Just Like Heaven -- The Cure
Rainbow in the Dark -- Dio
The Power of Love -- Huey Lewis and the News
Sister Christian -- Night Ranger

Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen
Break On Through -- The Doors
Crosstown Traffic -- Jimi Hendrix


[Only admins are allowed to see this link] now lists the release date as October 31, 2010.  However, this has neither been officially confirmed nor denied by Harmonix, so it may change.  It's also worth noting that RB3 versions for ALL consoles show this date, so perhaps there won't be a "limited exclusivity" period this time around.

Thanks, HatterQueen, for pointing this out!

UPDATE: There's a bit more information and a teaser trailer in this [Only admins are allowed to see this link][Only admins are allowed to see this link] that I just found, and some [Only admins are allowed to see this link][Only admins are allowed to see this link].  Here's the info about the instruments that we know so far:


  • Cost = $79.99 (standalone), $129.99 (bundled with game) - Price from the rumor posted above is essentially confirmed. No word on the release date as of yet.

  • Can be laid on a flat surface (like a regular keyboard) or used with a strap (like a keytar).  An optional keyboard stand will also be available.

  • Has a MIDI-out function, so you can actually compose and record music on it in addition to using it in the game

  • Will be wireless and utilize a dongle like all of the other instruments on the PS3

  • HMX is currently developing a MIDI Conversion Box (estimated price $39.99) which will allow you to use ANY MIDI-capable keyboard or drumkit in the game.

  • The keyboard (and harmony vocals) will be limited to songs on disc, Green Day songs (at least for harmonies--not keyboard), and future DLC.  Previous DLC may be updated in the future, but no official plans to incorporate these new parts in older DLC have been announced as of yet.

  • From [Only admins are allowed to see this link], it also appears that the keyboard can be used to play guitar or bass, and the guitar can also be used to play keyboard parts, at least for regular difficulties (not Pro mode)


  • New guitars (the Pro Mode capable ones) will also have a MIDI out, allowing you to compose and record music

  • The Squire Stratocaster and Fender Mustang guitars (the Pro Mode guitars) will be capable of sensing where your left hand's fingers are at and display this on-screen, but other details are being kept under wraps until we see Pro Mode in action at E3

  • The Fender Mustang being developed by Mad Catz is going to retail at $149.99. The Squire does not yet have a price.

  • Pro Mode is available for both lead guitar and bass, and it is designed to more or less teach you how to play the song on a real guitar.  Master it well enough on Pro Expert, and you'll be able to play it on any guitar (there are screen shots showing Pro Mode in that link).

  • Pro Mode guitars have 17 frets x 6 strings, for a total of 102 neck positions.

  • Some songs with particularly difficult parts (trills, tremolos, rolls, etc) will have bonus points for achieving a certain percentage on these parts.


  • The drums are more or less the same as they are in RockBand 2.

  • However, Pro Mode will require you to use the cymbals at the proper time.  The RB2 cymbals will work, and improved cymbal add-ons will be made available from Mad Catz for $39.99. These new cymbals will be quieter, more responsive, covered completely in rubber (instead of 2/3rd or so like the current ones), and sit an an angle of 10 degrees.

  • The mysterious extra (black) port on the back of the RB2 drums will be enabled for use as a second kick pedal OR a hi-hat pedal.  However, HMX does not want these to be required, so double bass and hi-hat pedals will not be charted.

  • The cymbal notes in Pro Mode will be indicated by gems that look like cymbals, while pads will remain the good old rectangles.  Both will remain in their color-coded lanes.

  • The game will adapt to the number of cymbals that you have, though if you have less than three you can expect to suffer on the leaderboards.

  • "Almost all" of the current tracks support the cymbal charting for Pro Mode. Some of the earliest stuff does not support it though.

  • Guitar Hero drum kits (which have cymbals) will not be supported for use in Pro Mode as the layouts do not match properly.

Misc (Also includes info from [Only admins are allowed to see this link]):

  • New hardware is only required if you want to play PRO mode for guitar (even the keyboard is optional if you have 3 guitars lying around).  On normal difficulty levels (Easy to Expert), you can continue to use your current guitars.  Of course, if your instruments are breaking down, Mad Catz will be releasing "updated" versions of the RB2 drums, guitar, and microphones as well.

  • It is currently unclear if DLC released after RB3 will still be backward compatible with RB1 or RB2, though all current DLC will be forward-compatible with RB3.

  • The game will feature a sort of narrative about your band in tour mode as they progress, and it will be very open-ended and have several achievement-driven features... as many as 700 goals and rewards.

  • Progress will be tracked regardless of what mode you're in.

  • You can share your in-game progress via Facebook and/or Twitter.

  • Setlist creation and song selection is completely revamped.  You'll be able to find songs more easily, hide songs you hate (thankfully for us PS3'ers!), save and share setlists, and get DLC suggestions based on "fan preference" (maybe some sort of best-of voted on by players via a lighter-rating system like we have with RBN?)

  • There will be a DS version for rocking on-the-go... no PSP or iPhone version though.

  • It will have a simultaneous wordwide release, currently officially set at "Holiday 2010" (hopefully there won't be any limited exclusivity to the other console nonsense this time around but it's still pretty vague at this point).


[Only admins are allowed to see this link] and [Only admins are allowed to see this link] have also posted hands-on reviews, but basically say a lot of the same stuff.